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New Look, New Purpose

First I should start with an apology. I haven't blogged about our travels since October and for that, I am sorry. I could give all sorts of excuses, mostly involving my kids, but honestly, it was becoming more of an obligation than I wanted it to be. I originally wanted to write about our adventures and recount what we were doing, not only for the sake of family and friends, but for our own sake, as a kind of family journal. But the truth is, it was a chore to just rehash everything we did each day, especially considering how much we were cramming in week after week. I couldn't keep up.

Fast forward to Christmas. We were back in Milwaukee for three weeks. We were traveling at a breakneck speed, trying to see the entire continental United States in 9 months. It was exhausting. We were enjoying our new life but also were in desperate need of a break. If only we could travel indefinitely, we could slow down our travel, be able to take breaks several days a week, and even save money by staying longer in each city. Thankfully, after talking to his employer, Jared was able to change our end date from "around May" to "never." So we set off on December 30th, feeling like it was a fresh start. We've stayed for an entire week or more in every place we've been to since then. We've been able to take breaks throughout the week to just have a day "at home." And we have saved money on gas driving way less each month!

Over the course of our time traveling since Christmas, I began to re-imagine what I wanted this blog to look like. Instead of the journal style that I originally imagined, I thought it would be more sustainable to just write a travel blog about our life as roadschoolers. Instead of a play by play of our days in each city, I will write more lifestyle posts and informational posts about things like traveling with kids, fun things to do in specific cities with kids, what roadschooling looks like for us, meal planning for a family on the road, etc. I often get questions about these things and hope to be able to answer all your inquires with topical posts so you can gain some insight into our lives as a roadschooling family.

I feel like this new format will better suit me as a writer and hopefully be more interesting to you, my readers. I am happy to take suggestions on topics you are interested in, or those burning questions you've had about the logistics of living in less than 300 sq ft with 5 people. I know you have them. So comment below with any questions you have and you might see your question answered in a blog post!


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    1. Not that we're never coming back, but that we never have to give them an end date. :) Right now there is no set plan to stop traveling, knowing that that can change at any time.

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